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Labyrinth 1986


Year: 1986

Directors: Jim Henson

Genres: Family,Adventure,Fantasy,Musical

Countries: UK,USA

Votes: 28683

Rating: 7.30

Cast: Sarah: Jennifer Connelly; Jareth the Goblin King: David Bowie; Fairy: Natalie Finland; Father: Christopher Malcolm; Goblin: Brian Henson; Didymus: Dave Goelz; Firey 3: Rob Mills; Toby: Toby Froud; Stepmother: Shelley Thompson; Hoggle: Shari Weiser; Goblin: Ron Mueck

Taglines: Where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems.
A’ mazing tale of never-ending fantasy.
Where anything is possible.
Jim Henson, George Lucas and David Bowie take you into a dazzling world of fantasy and adventure.

Storyline: Sarah, a teen, summons the goblins from her fave book, the Labyrinth, to steal her baby 1/2 bro Toby. When they actually do, she must solve the Goblin King’s (Bowie) Labyrinth in 13 hours or else Toby will become a goblin.

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