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Lal Baadshah

Lal Baadshah

Year: 1999

Genres: Action,Crime,Drama

Countries: India

Votes: 136

Rating: 3.5

Cast: Anand Mahesh; Bachchan Amitabh; Chopra Prem; Gaud Jack; Joshi Mohan; Jugraj; Kapoor Shakti; Khote Viju; Mohan Mac; Mohan Ram; Muthu Pramod; Puri Amrish; Raghuvaran; Rishi Mukesh; Rohera Ghanshyam; Singh Ram; Sudhir; Tiwari Brijesh; Deshpande Shama; Koirala Manisha; Nagma; Raadhika; Roy Nirupa; Shetty Shilpa; Bokadia K.C.; Bokadia Mahavir; Khan Anwar; Pereira Peter; Shrivastava Adesh; Malik D.N.; Acharya Ganesh; Anchalia Mahavir; Bajaj Ramnivas; Barola Sampat; Bokadia Amit; Bokadia Pramod; Kamlesh; Khan Raju; Khanna Pappu; Matta Ashok; Modi Ramesh; Pandey Gopal; Prajapati Shiva; Satish S.P.; Singh Ajay; Bokadia Gautam

Taglines: The man who lives for others

Storyline: Lal Singh (Amitabh Bachchan) lives with his mother (Nirupa Roy) in a small basti in Bombay, grows up with the poor and needy. He is called Lal Badshah by the people he lives among. Lal is a very helping person and dead set against crime. In the same city lives Vikram Singh alias Vicky Baadshah (Raghuvaran) who is the Don of the city always clashing with Lal Baadshah. Vicky is the son of Dayal Singh (Amrish Puri) who lives far away from Mumbai in a castle. Vicky & his brother Ajit Singh (Mukesh Rishi), a corrupt police officer want to rule the city. Meanwhile, Lal meets Kiran (Manisha Koirala), an L.I.C. agent who falls in love with him & is determined to become his wife. At the castle, Dayal Singh is still hunting for the treasures of the Maharaja, whom he murdered years ago along with his brother Sultan Singh (Prem Chopra). When the Maharaja was murdered, his son, Dewan Ranbir Singh (also Amitabh Bachchan) hid the treasure, for which Dayal Singh tried to murder him. What is the link between Ranbir Singh and his look-alike Lal Singh and will Dayal Singh be able to ever find the treasure?
Lal Singh, a man who lives for others, believes that every person lives for himself but this man helps others and says thats life. Lal Singh lives alongside his foster mother in a small basti in Mumbai, Lal grew up with poor and needy persons in the same basti. He is petnamed as Lal Baadshah. Lal is a very helping person and dead against crime. In the same city Vikram Singh alias Vicky Baadshah is the don of the city, there is always clash between him and Lal Baadshah. Vicky is son of Dayal Singh who lives far away from Mumbai in a small castle. Vicky’s brother Ajit Singh a corrupted S.P., Both brothers wanted to rule the city. On other side Dayal Singh who is after the treasure of Maharaj. The Maharaj’s loyal Dewan (Ranbhir Singh) hides hides the treasure which was not known by anyone. Dayal Singh Kills Maharaj and his brother Sultan Singh but all in vain. Lal Baadshah accidently meets Kiran who is an L.I.C. agent and she falls love with Lal Baadshah and determine to adjust her life being a wife of Lal Baadshah. In love and war the story changes when Ranbir Singh arises and clash starts between Dayal Singh & Ranbir Singh.
When doom and danger threaten Ranbhir Singh and his family, consisting of his wife, and son, Lalu, they run for their lives, manage to survive, but are tragically separated. Lalu was handed-over by his mom, to a childless woman, who brings him up as her own. Years pass by, Lalu, comes to be known as Lal Singh, and because of his good deeds, he is now called Lal Baadshah. These acts of honesty puts him in direct conflict with SP Ajit Singh, who is the son of Thakur Dhayal Singh. Then Baadshah meets with his real mother, who passes away a few moments later. Unknown to Baadshah, his father is still alive, though mentally unstable. Then in a confrontation, Vikram, Dhayal’s son, is killed, and Dhayal swears to avenge his death. It is then he comes across an incoherent and Ranbhir Singh, and takes this an opportunity to finally wipe out the remainder of the Singh family, as he had set out to do so years ago.

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