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Listen to Me

Listen to Me

Year: 1989

Genres: Drama,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 517

Rating: 5.1

Cast: Atkins Christopher; Busby Douglas; Cameron Kirk; Chumbrook Jr. Robert A.; Dang Timothy; DeLuise Peter; Downing David; Galloway Don; Gilbert Dave; Gould Jason; Hall Donald; Heinkel Miller Thomas; Howard Rance; Joiner Michael; Lawrence Mark Christopher; Lindstrom Jon; Lundin Richard; Masak Ron; Matthews Jon; Patterson Kenneth; Quill Tim; Rydell Christopher; Schanley Tom; Scheider Roy; Schneider Dan; Smith R. Norwood; Stewart Dylan; Stewart Sean; West Martin; Wright Ed; Wyner George; Zerbe Anthony; Archibald Dottie; Chauvin Lilyan; Copeland Stephanie; Cummings Quinn; Dretzin Julie; Engleman Jodi; Fischer Lynn; Gertz Jami; Gregory Mary; Holmes Lara; Jager Angel; Julius Francine L.; Kantrowitz Jamie; Kovary Priscilla; Krum Dorrie; Lee Anna; Morgan Alison; Murray Traci L.; Peterson Amanda; Pilavin Barbara; Robb Julie; Selkirk Francine; Sheldon Tricia; Show Tracii; Sinclair Annette; Smith Yeardley; Travis Dianne Turley; Urner Tammi; Valen Nancy; Zappa Moon Unit; Gordon Dolly; Stewart Douglas Day; Koenekamp Fred J.; Foster David; Wood Durinda; Coates Anne V.; Smith Bud S.; Housewright Steven E.; Sarviss John D.; Pickrell Gregory

Taglines: It’s about real life.
It was the best time of their lives. A kid from Oklahoma. An immigrant’s daughter. A senator’s son. A society girl. And a college professor with a dream. They had one thing in common…the will to win.


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