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Little Lord Fauntleroy

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Year: 1980

Genres: Drama,Family

Countries: UK

Votes: 1087

Rating: 6.9

Cast: Berkeley Ballard; Blakely Colin; Cater John; Copley Peter; Guinness Alec; Jackson Harry; Melody Tony; Murray Dicon; Nighy Bill; Pitt Norman; Porter Eric; Saxon Rolf; Schroder Rick; Southworth John; Stewart Patrick; Wylie Edward; Booth Connie; Cowper Gerry; Harper Kate; Kempson Rachel; McCullough Rohan; McSharry Carmel; Pemberton Antonia; Rowlands Patsy; Way Ann; Hill William; Rosemont Norman; Burnett Frances Hodgson; Hanalis Blanche; Ibbetson Arthur; Ferguson Allyn; Lehmann Olga; Gold Jack; Palmer Keith; Freeman Geoff; Glynne Renйe; Pardo Sally; Tobert Ralph; Westley Kevin; Westbrook Herbert


Storyline: Ceddie, Earl of Dorincourt’s only grandson and heir lives in America with his mother. The Earl, getting old, asks them to come to England. Ceddie, now Lord Fauntleroy, is an adorable little fellow. The Earl, who at first was rather distant, becomes more en more fond of him. Then Minna shows up. She claims she was married to the Earl’s eldest son and that her son, being their child, is the Earl’s true heir…
Suddenly, into the poor but happy lower-class Manhattan home of the widow Errol and her son Cedric, aged about 9, comes an agent from Cedric’s mysterious grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt, asking them to move to England so that Cedric can learn aristocratic ways and inherit the vast estate. Cedric’s mother consents with misgivings, especially for having to live in a house nearby rather than in the castle with her son. The Earl proves to be a penurious misanthrope, hated by almost everyone who knows him. But from the beginning, Cedric sees only good in him, can’t imagine that he would ever treat his tenants and villagers poorly, and wins their hearts with kindnesses, giving all credit to his grandfather’s wishes. Soon the dour old man finds that he loves this cheerful little boy so dearly that he wants to live up to this new image of himself. The sudden appearance of a vulgar, ambitious American claiming that her son is the true heir to the title is a more grievous blow to him than anyone would have thought possible.

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