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Lost Continent

Lost Continent

Year: 1951

Genres: Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Votes: 616

Rating: 2.6

Cast: Alper Murray; Beaumont Hugh; Bissell Whit; Chandler Chick; Green William E.; Hoyt John; Johnson Chubby; Melton Sid; Romero Cesar; Acquanetta; Brooke Hillary; Leewood Jack; Lippert Robert L.; Neufeld Sigmund; Hampton Orville H.; Landau Richard H.; Young Carroll; Greenhalgh Jack; Dunlap Paul; Newfield Sam; Cahn Philip

Taglines: Monsters in a land that time forgot!
ASTOUNDING – INCREDIBLE – AMAZING! (original print ad – all caps)
Modern Man Against Prehistoric Monster!
SEE! Daring climb to a strange prehistoric world! SEE! Violent upheaval of a prehistoric earthquake! SEE! Breath-taking escape as an entire island explodes!
ZOOM…at atomic-powered speed to a NEW land of fantastic adventure!
They Lived…180,000,000 Years in Seven Days!
180.000.000 Years Beyond Belief!
Thrills of the atomic-powered future! Adventures of the prehistoric past!

Storyline: Major Joe Nolan heads a rescue mission in the South Pacific to recover a downed atomic rocket. The crew crashlands on a mysterious island, and spends much time rock-climbing. They meet up with a native girl, a big lizard, and some dinosaurs.

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