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Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven

Year: 1987

Genres: Fantasy

Countries: USA

Votes: 1582

Rating: 6.1

Cast: Ancheta Charles B.; Bethany David; Blocker Dirk; Cash Randy; Chin Colin; Clark Chester; Considine John; Daly Tim; DeGrazzio Doug; DuBois Dean; Ellis Pee Wee; Finch Zack; Gammon James; Gassman Jim L.; Gideon Raynold; Gorman Irv; Gould Robert; Hager Jack; Hutton Timothy; Isham Mark; Klastorin Michael; Knepper Robert; Kohler Jon; Larson Gary; Manne Stuart; Martell Leon; Michaels Dave; Munro Pete; Murray Don; O’Hearn Patrick; Ocasek Ric; Paddock Matthew; Pappas George; Paradis David; Petty Tom; Popwell Johnny; Pugh Willard E.; Rabinowitz Elliot; Rasche David; Robbins Tom; Rosenberg John M.; Ruginis Vyto; Sanders Henry G.; Sartain Gailard; Simmons Paul; Sloan Larry; Sloan Paul; Street Elliott; Tolkan James; Vaganek Daniel J.; Walls Tom; West Kevin E.; West Rick; Young Neil; Yousefian Ed; Aubuchon Danielle; Barkin Ellen; Beale Alveda King; Berg Matraca; Childers Christen; Cullen Kerrie; Dusay Debra; Dusay Marj; Earnest Patricia J.; Farmer Iris; Graybeal Michele; Hightower Theresa; Hill Lauren; Johnson Jennifer Deer; Lavitan Gladys; Maddox Sonya; McGillis Kelly; McKissick Kerry Lyn; Ochs Meeghan; Owens Ann; Paddock Carrie; Plummer Amanda; Rucker Billi Jo; Stapleton Maureen; Stephens Denise; Van Nostrand Amy; Veto Carol; Wedgeworth Ann; Wellman Kelly; Winger Debra; Winningham Mare; Besser Stuart M.; Blocker David; Evans Bruce A.; Kiesser Jan; Ferry April; Rudolph Alan; Ballentine Robert; Bielowicz Norman; Cascino Gina; Clark Matthew J.; Dixon Richard; Dunn Julia; Gierman James; Glovin Deborah; Goodwin Elease; Hager Susan Elaine; Hoki Larry; Johnson Wendell; Koser Ken; Lovings Flory; Mayer Dana; McGill Hank; McMahon Mike; Moore Peggy; Moran Frank; Muir Susan; Neal Joan; Ostrander Tracey; Phillips Kay; Riley Mike; Smith Joyce Jenkins; Smith Mike; Sousa Jackson; Stankevich Mark A.; Tarver Dan; Wolpert Joan; Yarbrough Teresa M.; Peters Paul

Taglines: 12,000 babies will be born in the United States today. Two will already have fallen in love.
How in Heaven did they meet? How on Earth will they find each other?

Storyline: In 1952 while driving to California to start his life anew, twenty-something Mike Shea accidentally dies while doing a heroic act. Despite floundering in his life – he was having troubles holding a steady job and his supposed girlfriend was about to marry someone else – he was not ready to leave the living. In heaven, he learns that despite it being a fantastical other world existence, he still has human emotions, such as romantic love, which he feels for a “new” soul he meets named Annie Packert (i.e. she has never been among the living on Earth), who in turn loves him. He also learns that one’s next life is somewhat predetermined by their stay in heaven. So when Annie is sent to Earth for her first go around as a human, Mike pleads with the man in charge at heaven, Emmett Humbird, to locate him in his next human life at least in the same country so that he can find Annie. Emmett reluctantly agrees, but only gives Mike thirty years in his next life to find her. Those next lives of Annie and Mike are as Allison Chandler and Elmo Barnett respectively. Each carries a bit of their experience with each other in heaven to their new subconscious human being, Ally’s manifesting itself in an imaginary childhood friend named Mike, whereas Elmo grows up to be a drifter but one not sure for what he is looking. With Elmo receiving a little help from both Emmett and some people from his past life, will the match made in heaven find its way to Earth before the thirty year deadline?
A romantic, occasionally funny, drama about two souls who consummate their marriage literally in “Heaven”. Mike Shea, in his first life dies as a young man performing a heroic rescue. Shortly after arriving in “Heaven” he meets a new soul, Annie Packert, who has never lived on Earth before. The drama centers around their separation soon after being wedded and the burning question is whether they will reunite on Earth before time runs out or whether they are fated to eternal soul-searching.
During the 1950s, Mike Shea lives with his parents and has a normal relationship with his girlfriend. But one day, she tells him that some other man has proposed her matrimony and the worst: she has said yes. So, Mike runs away from his little town to California, with his dog. The trip is going fine, until a car accident crosses in his way. An entire family has fallen to a river and they’re trapped inside their car. In an heroic gesture, Mike dives in the river and he rescues all the family members, but unfortunately he dies drowned. He goes to heaven and he meets with his aunt, who is now a talented painter. After find some known people from his life in Earth, Mike meets with a beautiful woman, Annie, a new soul which has never reincarnated before. Mike learns that he can reincarnate and return to Earth. But before that, he and Annie fall in love and get married. The problem is that Annie is very curious about Earth and some time later, she tells Mike that she wants to reincarnate in a baby. Mike’s now very sad missing Annie and he wants to return to Earth and find her. He will make a deal with Emmett, a kind of angel, in which Mike will have 30 years to find Annie, otherwise each one will have an unhappy life with other people. Annie in the 1960s has become a toy designer, named Ally, married with a filmmaker. Meanwhile, Mike is a quite disorientated kid, which tries everything, like being a painter, then a soldier, just to become later a musician. Many years pass, but it seems that Mike and Annie are having some difficulties to meet each other again.

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