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Man, Woman and Child

Man, Woman and Child

Year: 1983

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 185

Rating: 6.1

Cast: Beach James; Boucher David; Boucher Mark E.; Cintron Frederick; Dungan Sebastian; Franзois Jacques; Hemmings David; Jayne Billy; Koppala Frank; Lowell Randy; McGonagle Richard; Nelson Craig T.; Plante Louis; Redfield Dennis; Richards Gwil; Sheen Martin; Taylor Homer; Thomas David O.; Wyler John; Anderman Maureen; Bruner Anne; Danner Blythe; Douglas Eve; Figueroa Lisa; Francis Missy; McIntyre Arlene; Nell Nathalie; Silveira Ruth; Stratton Jan; Waters Lila; Williams Lorraine; Woodard Grace; Beck Stanley; Kastner Elliott; Williams Elmo; Williams Stacy; Goodman David Zelag; Segal Erich; Kline Richard H.; Delerue Georges; Kaye Buddy; Aulisi Joseph G.; Richards Dick; Bretherton David; Atwell Judith; Baudrot Sylvette; Fore Jet; Miller Don; Otto H. Bud; Prosnit Jane; Salven Jr. David; Smith Norma; Mitzner Dean Edward

Taglines: Could he choose between the family he always loved and the son he never knew was his?
She never knew he had an affair. He never knew he had a son. It could have meant the end of their marriage. Instead, it was the beginning of a love story.

Storyline: A man with a wife and two daughters learns that he has a son. It seems that a few years ago while visiting France, he had an accident and he had an affair with the doctor who treated him. Now he has learned that she just died and is informed of his son. He then tells his wife, she then suggest that they bring him over. While there all sorts of tension begin to arise. How will this affect them?

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