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Martin 1977


Year: 1977

Directors: George A. Romero

Genres: Drama,Horror

Countries: USA

Votes: 2367

Rating: 7.20

Cast: Arthur: Tom Savini; Martin Madahas: John Amplas; Christina: Christine Forrest; Tada Cuda: Lincoln Maazel; Mrs. Santini: Elyane Nadeau; Housewife Victim: Sara Venable; Train Victim: Francine Middleton; Lewis: Roger Caine; Deacon: James Roy; Father Zulemas: J. Clifford Forrest Jr.; Businessman: Robert Ogden; Flashback Priest: Donaldo Soviero; Woman: Donna Siegel; Family Member: Albert J. Schmaus

Taglines: A Vampire for Our Age of Disbelief
See it with someone you’re sure of
He could be the boy next door…
Heir to the Blood Lust

Storyline: Martin is 17 years old, and thinks he is a vampire. OK, he doesn’t have fangs, but razor blades work just as well. He becomes well known after calling in to a late night radio show, but is he really a vampire ?

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