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Meet Prince Charming

Meet Prince Charming

Year: 1999

Genres: Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 472

Rating: 4.9

Cast: Angell Vincent; Banks Boyd; Barbeck Jason; Bernkoff Mark; Busher Ian; Charvet David; Didiano Piero; Flemming Peter; Gardhouse Johnny; Gomez Ian; Hill Dwayne; Jaenicke Hannes; Kalangis John; Keurvorst Derek; Louza Daveed; Mallory Jef; Matheson Joe; Moses Sam; Murray Doug; Seixas Charles; Staines Kent; Thomas Christopher; Yee Jim; Carrere Tia; de Matteo Drea; Edwards Naz; Hopper Jessica; Innes Alexandra; Irwin Jennifer; Loeh Tennyson; Pomerantz Marnie; Vardalos Nia; Colman Nina; Goncalves Helder; Lee Damian; Martorana Clare; Nerenhausen Malee; Parker Brett; Wynn Paul; Petersen Curtis; Wolfson John; Garrison Stephanie; Kruteck Sally; Ross Caroline; Barnett Aaron; Brustolin Vanessa; Damato Nicole; Dillon Leroy; Harmon Charlie; Huhta Matti; Jennison Paul; Kane Mandy; Kelly Amanda-Marie; Manson Rob; McKane Dave; McNabb Christie; Mierau Jamie; Steinberg David; Tower Hanna; Tsai Yu; Whitmell Shawna; Young Linda; Grimsted Rolf


Storyline: Jonathan ‘Jack’ Harris is a waiter, who hopes to start a newspaper called The Tribeca Times, after the part of Manhattan where he lives, and while struggling to find advertisers and stories decides to do one on Internet dating services, so he joins one and seems to have found a great match, maybe even a soul-mate. He doesn’t know it’s actually his apartment block neighbor, 29-year old magazine editor Samantha Feld -who only rolled into the thing because her friend and co-worker Jen thinks she needs a man and threw a party at Samantha’s place- with whom he clashed from the start in daily life as they consider each-other noisy and inconsiderate. Yet, when they meet after e-mail bliss together and nothing but failed dates with others…

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