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Mike Bassett: England Manager

Mike Bassett: England Manager

Year: 2001

Genres: Comedy,Sport

Countries: UK

Votes: 2239

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Alford John; Allen Keith; Amokachi Daniel; Ansah Andy; Baggio Roberto; Ballantine Julian; Bashir Martin; Batty David; Beckham David; Bell Geoff; Bird Dickie; Bishop Tim; Burdis Mark; Campion Robert; Dahlin Martin; Dunbar Philip; Durham Kim; Ewings Andy; Fierro Duane; Gee Robbie; Gilder Sean; Green Alan; Gridelet Phil; Guest Richard; Hamilton Des; Harmer Tony; Hoddle Glenn; Holness Dean; Hudson Robert; Husbands Danny; Hutchings Geoffrey; Jackson Philip; James Adrian; Jupitus Phill; Keegan Kevin; Kelly Dean Lennox; Kenyon Thomas; Kiely Terry; Lawler Alex; Lawrenson Mark; Lindsay Ian; Lindsay Nigel; Livingstone Sydney; Maradona Diego Armando; Martin Nic; Marzello Vincent; McGillycuddy Sr. Peter; McGillycuddy Peter; McGuire Lloyd; McNeilly Paul; McQuarry Chris; Mean Scott; Moore Brian; Morse Ralph; Mulhern Glen; Murphy Paul; Nyland Tony; O’Donoghue Mark; Osborne Dion; Owen Michael; PelŠ¹; Penfold Phil; Peplow Neil; Perkins Declan; Piper Kevin; Putt Robert; Raducioiu Florin; Rattray Paul; Redwood Toby; Renwick Alan; Richardson Scott; Rogerson Iain; Ronaldo; Smith John; Sprackling Rob; Tennant Danny; Terris Malcolm; Thompson Charlie; Thomsen Ulrich; Tomlinson Ricky; Tyldesley Clive; Tyler Martin; Venison Barry; Walsh Bradley; Walters Stephen; Wrixon Eoin; Barker Sue; Curran Angela; Frost Jenny; Kaplinsky Natasha; Logan Gabby; McClarnon Liz; Redman Amanda; Tamborindeguy Narcisa; Barron Steve; Finch Charles; Green Nigel; Halmi Sr. Robert; Jones Robert; Martell Miara; Roeg Luc; Smith J.N.R.; Smith John R.; Eley Mike; Genn Antony; Mackay Duncan; Neary Mark; Barron Siobhan; Green Colin; Amorim Valeria Costa; Barron Oliver; Beazley Tessa; Jarvis Carlton; Jones Nathan; Moore Debbie; Morris Luke; O’Reilly Caroline; Steadman Ruth; Stirling Caroline; Reid John

Taglines: He Knows F.A. About Football.
The ever changing face of football has a got new mug…

Storyline: The manager of England’s national football unexpectedly succumbs to a heart attack, and suddenly the search is on for a replacement. Most people who seem qualified for the position have the good sense to turn it down, and so the responsibility falls to Mike Bassett, a scruffy and loud-mouthed lout whose claim to football fame is leading a previously undistinguished team to a league championship. Bassett insists that England will win the World Cup under his leadership, but that’s before he replaces his star player with a once-gifted footballer who has since developed a drinking problem, and hired a one-time car salesman as his assistant. After stunning losses to Poland and Belgium, Bassett goes from a favorite of both fans and the press to one of the most hated men in England; hoping to whip his team into shape, he subjects them to the high-tech training methods of eccentric Dr. Shoegaarten, which injures more players than it helps. Despite Bassett’s ineptitude, England manages to qualify for the World Cup tournament thanks to group opponents Turkey losing their final game, and he flies to Rio with his team in hopes of somehow turning their bad luck around.

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