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Mirror Images

Mirror Images

Year: 1992

Genres: Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 108

Rating: 4.1

Cast: Alan Gilbert; Arbolino Richard; Brown Andre Rosey; Conaway Jeff; Dough Jon; Elliot John; Flower George ‘Buck’; Johnson Johnny; Landi Alexander James; Mall Korey; Meyer Michael John; Montalvo Jay; O’Hurley John; Salerno Sergio; Van Patten Nels; Beaman Lee Anne; Dickson Allison; Raymond Lina; Royce Kelly; Scoville Summer; Sheppard Delia; Simone Dominique; Strain Julie; Wilson Janie; Garroni Andrew W.; Gernert Walter; Larsen Dale; Smith Steven; des Esseintes Georges; Desatoff Paul; Smith Joseph; Delgado Lothar; Delgado Ricardo; Dark Gregory; Avalon James; Bursteen Alan B.; Crilly Eleanor; Giffin-Citron Linda; Gyulai Miklos; Lewis Richard; Michaels Shawn; Stewart Colleen; Stewart Hattie; Van Dyke Truman; Martin Blair


Storyline: A beautiful redhead beauty, named Kaitlin, seeking to get away from her boring wealthy life and her uncommunicative husband Jeffrey, assumes the identity of her outgoing, blond, identical twin sister, Shauna, when she leaves town and Kaitlin soon becomes embroiled with a psychotic serial killer whom is stalking Shauna.

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