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Mogambo 1953


Year: 1953

Directors: John Ford

Genres: Adventure,Drama,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 1906

Rating: 6.60

Cast: Victor Marswell: Clark Gable; Honey Bear Kelly: Ava Gardner; Linda Nordley: Grace Kelly; Skipper: Laurence Naismith; Donald Nordley: Donald Sinden; Leon Boltchak: Eric Pohlmann; John Brown-Pryce: Philip Stainton; Father Josef: Denis O’Dea; Young native girl: Asa Etula

Taglines: Actually filmed by M-G-M on safari…amid authentic scenes of unrivalled savagery and awe-inspiring splendor!
Greater than “King Soloman’s Mines” !
. . . it means “The Greatest!”
Flaming love found in the savage heart of the jungle!
The battle of the sexes! The battle of the gorillas!
Filmed on Safari in Africa!

Storyline: Having missed connections with a maharajah, gorgeous, adaptable playgirl Eloise Kelly descends upon white hunter Vic Marswell. After brief resistance, they fall into each other’s arms. Then anthropologist Donald Nordley arrives; Vic is inexplicably drawn to Mrs. Nordley, a blonde twit. Kelly, her departure delayed, must go along on the Nordley safari where the two women clash over Vic. Much local color along the way.

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