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Year: 2000

Genres: Musical,Drama,Romance

Countries: India

Votes: 2691

Rating: 6.7

Cast: Bachchan Amitabh; Chopra Uday; Dastur Parzan; Hansraj Jugal; Khan Shahrukh; Kher Anupam; Puri Amrish; Rana Rushad; Shah Samir; Shergill Jimmy; Shukla Saurabh; Gill Priya; Helen; Jhangiani Preeti; Kaur Jasveer; Kullar Manjeet; Nishan Navneet; Rai Aishwarya; Rawat Himani; Saima; Sharma Kim; Shetty Shamita; Shetty Shefali; Singh Archana Puran; Chopra Yash; Chopra Aditya; Singh Manmohan; Pandit Jatin; Pandit Lalit; Johar Karan; Malhotra Manish; Karnik V.V.; Taranjeet Singh; Badruddin Fayyaz; Bakrania Prakash; Shivalkar Sanjay

Taglines: Some love stories live forever

Storyline: In India, open romance is forbidden, as is showing affection in public. A college principal named Narayan is a strong believer in this, aware that a male student named Vicky is in love with Ishika; while another male student is hopelessly in love with Sanjana; and a third man named Karan is in love with a married woman named Kiran. No amount of persuasion can get Narayan to change his mind. Then the college recruits a music teacher named Raj, who eventually starts fanning the flames of love among the students, much to Narayan’s chagrin, anger, and displeasure. Things get worse when Narayan finds out that Raj was the very man who fell in love with his daughter who eventually committed suicide when he didn’t grant them permission to get married. Will the six young people be also heartbroken by Narayan, and if so, who will be the first to kill himself or herself?
GURUKUL is one of India’s top colleges headed by Narayan Shankar. He is a man of staunch principles who does not like any changes in the way the college is run. He also opines that love brings only pain with it, so romance is strictly forbidden within the walls of GURUKUL. Enter Raj Aryan, the music teacher who not only believes in love but also induces three of his students to follow their heart and fall in love. Vicky loves Ishika from girls’ college nearby but Ishika hates him . Then there is Sameer who loves his childhood friend Sanjana but she has a boyfriend already. Lastly there is Karan who loves Kiran but their love is forbidden since Kiran is already married to a soldier who is reported missing and believed to be dead. When Narayan Shankar comes to know of Raj’s activities he decides to fire Raj . But then Raj reveals his real identity, his past connection with Narayan Shankar, and that the real reason behind his arrival to the college is to change the old-fashioned way it is run. This confrontation draws the battle lines between the two strong-willed men. Who wins in the end – Raj or Narayan? Do the three boys finally find their love? Watch for yourself in MOHABBATEIN.
Three young men arrive at a famous private school in India, Gurukul. Gurukul is run by a stern headmaster named Narayan Shankar, played by Amitabh Bachchan. The headmaster has instituted a strict anti-romance policy. Students are there to learn, he says, not to party and flirt. Students who become romantically involved will be expelled. The three of them all have their hearts set on different girls. Sameer works in a cafй and is in love with his long time friend Sanjana. Unfortunately for Sameer, she has a boyfriend. Vikram accidentally bumps into Ishika when he catches her stealing apples from the Gurukul gardens, and falls in love at first sight. Karan sees Kiran on a hill when he is waiting for a train. Kiran is married to an Army Officer who never returned from war, yet she holds hope that he is alive. The three of them, encouraged by Raj Aryan, their music teacher, follow their hearts and break the rules of the school. As the story unravels, the three boys fall in love and the relationship between the headmaster and the music teacher begins to become strained. Much to the chagrin of the headmaster, Raj begins to implement many changes. It is revealed the Raj was once also a student in Gurukul, who fell in love with the headmasters daughter, Megha played by Aishwarya Rai. When Narayan found out he banned them from seeing each other, and after Megha tried consoling her father she became upset and ultimately committed suicide by throwing herself out the window. This tragic experience inspired Raj to spread love throughout Gurukul, and in the end, Narayan Shankar realizes that love and change are necessary.
Narayan Shankar, the principal of a prestigious college, decides to reprimand Raj Malhotra, one of his students, for making romantic advances toward Megha, his only daughter, knowing fully well that both Megha and Raj are in love. Megha is heartbroken and eventually dies. Years later, Narayan hires a music teacher named Aryan, unaware that it is really Raj Malhotra, who has now come back to teach Narayan a lesson that will never be forgotten.

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