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Moi Cйsar, 10 ans 1/2, 1m39

Moi Cйsar, 10 ans 1/2, 1m39

Year: 2003

Genres: Comedy,Drama,Family,Romance

Countries: France

Votes: 579

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Benguigui Jean; Boorman Charley; Bйnureau Didier; Debrosse Eric; Guillon Stйphane; Head Murray; Karmi Sofian; Kouyatй Mabф; Munz Michel; Poivre d’Arvor Patrick; Rouve Jean-Paul; Roux Philippe; Seddik Morgan; Sitruk Jules; Tronchet Didier; Tudela Samuel; Йcoffey Jean-Philippe; Berger Rachel; Berry Josйphine; Blancheteau Annick; Boorman Katrine; Bouquet Carole; De France Cйcile; de Medeiros Maria; Galibert Juliette; Gentil Maelia; Hosmalin Catherine; Karina Anna; Londez Guilaine; Omere Ivy; Schoor Tessa; Silla Karine; Besson Luc; Feller Michel; Sayah Mehdi; Assous Eric; Berry Richard; Hardmeier Thomas; Isaac Reno; Borg Dominique; Briaud Laurence; Pfeiffer Lisa; Couturier Laurence; Drault Romuald; Forde Jessica; Lengyel Jamie; Lloyd-Price Caroline; Rabiers du Villars Anne; Sitruk Claude; Tissandier Hugues

Taglines: Parents, autoritй, amour, amis, rivalitй, йcolй, fugue, un p’tit peu gros

Storyline: Cesar is a young schoolboy living in Paris with his family. Their life is ordinary, but Cesar wants more excitement (which he creates, in one instance, by claiming to his teachers that his father has been arrested). During the school holidays, Cesar and his friend Sarah decide to help their mutual friend, Morgan, find his father who supposedly lives in London. Each one tells their parents that they’re staying with the other two, and together they sneak out to begin their search.

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