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Moi Ivan, toi Abraham

Moi Ivan, toi Abraham

Year: 1993

Genres: Drama

Countries: France,Belarus

Votes: 139

Rating: 7.5

Cast: Alexandrovitch Roma; Bykov Rolan; Dzhigarkhanyan Armen; Gerdt Zinoviy; Gorbunov Aleksey; Ivchenko Valeri; Kalyagin Aleksandr; Mashkov Vladimir; Olbrychski Daniel; Serebryakov Aleksey; Yakovlev Aleksandr; Yankovskiy Oleg; Kremer Ailika; Lapiower Hйlиne; Lipkina Mariya; Yablonskaya Malina; Cleitman Renй; Ormiиres Jean-Luc; Zauberman Yolande; Fabre Jean-Marc; Tazartes Ghйdalia; Kaishauri Marina; Bizet Eric; Dedet Yann; Hubert Nathalie; Zagoskin Aleksandr


Storyline: In 1930s Poland, it was traditional for some Christian boys to live for a time with Jewish families in order to learn a trade from Jewish craftsmen. For this reason, Ivan has gone to live on a large estate with Abraham and his family, has learned Yiddish, and has become Abraham’s best friend. But the anti-Semitism born of poverty, ignorance, and superstition is fierce in this community of and the two boys run away into the countryside to flee an imminent conflict. Journeying together in a menacing environment, they reveal their innocence and inseparability.

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