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Mother, Jugs & Speed

Mother, Jugs & Speed

Year: 1976

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 1557

Rating: 5.6

Cast: Butkus Dick; Carrott Ric; Cosby Bill; Darden Severn; Davison Bruce; Garfield Allen; Hagman Larry; Henderson Bill; Jones L.Q.; Kamen Milt; Keitel Harvey; Knapp Charles; McManus Michael; Mills Edwin; Morgan Read; Reid Tim; Taylor Mark L.; Warnick Allan; Williams Arnold; Basil Toni; Curtin Valerie; Dahl Barbie; Garay Linda; Grant Barra; Hagen Erica; Smith Queenie; St. John Vivian; Welch Raquel; Barbera Joseph; Maguire Charles H.; Mankiewicz Tom; Yates Peter; Manes Stephen; Woolsey Ralph; Talsky Ron; Keller Frank P.; Brossette Stanley; Crosby Betty; Farah Louis; Goldschmidt Anthony; Hazard Duane ‘Hap’; O’Riley John; Santarone Dominic; Santarone Ruth; Sumner Tom; Herndon Walter Scott

Taglines: they don’t call them that for nothing!
The F & B Ambulance Co. is looking for a few good men… but they will take any body they can get.

Storyline: Los Angeles: A new law says that the first ambulance that arrives at an accident obtains the contract to transport the injured person. The result is ruthless competition between several companies.
Two privately owned ambulance companies compete for the city contract in LA. The focus, F+B Ambulance Service, has the wildest crew on the block. Cosby (Mother) plays the veteran driver to whom rules are meant to be bent. Keitel (Speed) is a cop on suspension for suspicion of drug peddling to minors who needs to pay the rent. Welch (Jugs) is the dispatch secretary with secret ambitions who won’t give the boys in the bunkhouse the time of day. Drama and comedy bleed together over who makes the right decisions to land them in the money and keep them out of the hospital.

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