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Music from Another Room

Music from Another Room

Year: 1998

Genres: Comedy,Drama,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 2567

Rating: 6.5

Cast: Abatemarco Tony; Almquist Gregg; Berman Al; Broussard Brumby; Buck Cory; Carpenter David; Green Mel; Jarchow Bruce; Kilner Kevin; Laresca Vincent; Law Jude; Lugo Frank; Passer Daniel; Pichler Joe; Pilato Joseph; Piven Jeremy; Polito Jon; Pugsley Don; Rosales Jr. Thomas; Rubes Jan; Ruccolo Richard; Salata Rocco; Sanders Fred; Tenney Jon; Weaver Lee; Adams Jane; Blethyn Brenda; Christopher Jennifer; Djordjevic Dunya; Edwards Dana; Evans Wanda-Lee; Floyd Kari Leigh; Hackett Martha; Howard Barbara; Katz Tria; Mace Cynthia; Malina Judith; Matthews Hillary; Mol Gretchen; Moore Jane L.; Needham Caitlin Sarah; Newman Paula J.; O’Quendo Margarita; Paxton Sara; Peck Evie; Plimpton Martha; Shea Ann; Taylor Rainey; Tilly Jennifer; Bertolli John; Fischer Marc S.; Ivers Jeffrey D.; Krevoy Brad; Morton Douglas; Rogers J.B.; Stabler Steven; Thomas Bradley; Peters Charlie; Crudo Richard; Gibbs Richard; Hannan Mary Claire; O’Meara Carroll Timothy; Aldrich Troy; Auerbach Ruth; Badstibner Jimmy; Bleier Hannah; Brownstein Josh; Carlson Rex; Carney Winston; Dauler Jan; Davis II Warren; Driscoll John; Edinger Terry; Facchini Gerard; Ferrer Vanessa; Gehrke Steve; Grey Lawrence; Guzik Greg; Hedayat Eric; Hermanns Bill; Hoffmann Steven J.; Jackson Keith A.; Johnson Jay; Johnston-Walker Nancy; Kahn Christopher; Kim Kay; Kocsis Tom; Kutcher Steven R.; Lewis Rich; Llano Juan; Malkin Harvey; Mulloy Peggy; Munn Mimi; Olisky Kitty; Pollack Michele; Porter Jeff ‘Doc’; Ramsey Jade; Randazzo Angela; Rothmund Andrew T.; Russell Karen; Saunders Tre; Sharp Burton; Wallace Adam; Wasil Carmen; Wright Megan; Breen Charles

Taglines: Their romance began the day she was born.

Storyline: Music From Another Room is a romantic comedy that follows the exploits of Danny, a young man who grew up believing he was destined to marry the girl he helped deliver as a five year old boy when his neighbor went into emergency labor. Twenty-five years later, Danny returns to his hometown and finds the irresistible Anna Swann but she finds it easy to resist him since she is already engaged to dreamboat Eric, a very practical match. In pursuit of Anna, Danny finds himself entangled with each of the eccentric Swanns including blind, sheltered Nina, cynical sister Karen, big brother Bill and dramatic mother Grace as he fights to prove that fate should never be messed with and passion should never be practical.

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