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My Suicidal Sweetheart

My Suicidal Sweetheart

Year: 2005

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 188

Rating: 4.7

Cast: Attell Dave; Babbit Ross; Blazina David; Brown Ron; Davidoff Dov; Dнaz Guillermo; Fall James Apaumut; Forbes Scott; Harvey Eric LaRay; Krumholtz David; Maldonado Alexander; Moeller Ralf; Nelson Tim Blake; Parness Michael; Paymer David; Shillue Tom; Weeks Wylie; Arquette Rosanna; Bayer Charlotte Rose; Black Karen; Bracco Lorraine; Ferreira Dena; Galvin Emma Adele; Jensen Angela; Lafranca Selina; Lyonne Natasha; Medina Hazel; Parness Joelle; Picard Connie; Redanty Marisa; Russia Jaclyn; Stevenson Dandy; Thompson Kim; Zora; Brown G. Mac; Miller Gene Raphael; Pianko Elana; Marquнnez Horacio; Andrews Michael; Livolsi Mark; Akmal Nicky Arezu; Bell Nicholas R.; Dempsey Amy; Kauffman Gary; Marquardt Stephanie A.; Ni Rochain Maire; O’Keefe Mike; Shinabery Kenneth; Spain Matthew; McMullen Cabot

Taglines: Love can be insane.

Storyline: On his 21st birthday, in front of mom, dad, sis, and guests, Max tries to hang himself. It’s his eighth suicide attempt, seeking a peaceful white light. Sent back to an asylum, Max falls in love at first sight with Grace, also suicidal, with a teddy bear she treats as her child. Max courts her, proposes, they marry, and he makes it his mission to give her reasons to live. They escape and he seeks various cures for her: the beauty of nature, living with his family, and consulting a shaman, a faith healer, and a self-help coach. Grace’s demons trump the cures. Max is at wit’s end. Will he fail? Is there to be no white light? A visit to Grace’s institutionalized mother gives Max a clue.

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