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Naked Obsession

Naked Obsession

Year: 1990

Genres: Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 129

Rating: 4.8

Cast: Craig Roger; Dean Rick; Hinkley Tommy; Katt William; Ray Fred Olen; Ward Mac; Weisel Joshua; Bauer Michelle; Carlson Greta; Coyne Ria; Evans Suzy; Ford Maria; Harris Harriet; MacDonald Wendy; Madison; Sahagun Elena; Wesley Melinda; Zwang Ron; Dodson Robert; Golden Dan; Singer Scott; Libby Paris; Gilbert Reeves Gabrielle

Taglines: Beyond Pleasure … Beyond Pain …

Storyline: A city councilman explores the seedy side of town to help him decide how to approach an urban renewal project. Being obviously not from there he is beaten in the street and his wallet stolen. A transient helps him and guides him into the sordid world surrounding a strip tease dive, and eventually has an intense affair with one of the strippers. Then someone is murdered, and he is implicated and must try to clear his name.

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