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Nancy Drew — Detective

Nancy Drew -- Detective

Year: 1938

Genres: Drama,Mystery

Countries: USA

Votes: 335

Rating: 6.7

Cast: Bange Buddy; Bupp Tommy; Holmes Stuart; Keane Edward; Litel John; Mower Jack; Orth Frank; Purcell Dick; Ridgely John; Saum Cliff; Stephenson James; Thomas Frankie; Trowbridge Charles; Tynan Brandon; Wilson Tom; Busch Mae; Evans Helena Phillips; Graham Betty Jane; Granville Bonita; Lewis Vera; Riano Renie; Tree Joanne; Williams Lottie; Foy Bryan; Benson Mildred Wirt; Gamet Kenneth; O’Connell L. William; Roemheld Heinz; Anderson Milo; Clemens William; Magee Frank; Langan John


Storyline: Nancy Drew and Ted Nickerson solve a kidnapping case of a wealthy elderly lady. Ted has to disguise himself as a nurse while Nancy beomse a “widow” in order to locate the lady they are rescuing.
Wealthy dowager Mary Eldridge wants to make a $300,000 contribution to her alma mater over the objections of her lawyer. She leaves the decision of how the money should be used to the students, and led by young Nancy Drew, they want it spent on a swimming pool. Although taken aback by the request the old woman agrees. Before the donation can be formalized, Eldridge mysteriously leaves town, but Nancy does believe her lawyer’s facile explanation. After witnessing the kidnapping of a local doctor, she discovers a conspiracy to coerce the old woman to sign over her fortune to a criminal ring specializing in swindling wealthy senior citizens. Nancy and boyfriend Ted Nickerson utilize a carrier pigeon, low flying airplane observation, and disguises to free the dowager from the sanitarium where she is being held.
Nancy Drew attends the Brinwood School for Young Ladies. Elderly Mary Eldredge, a former student at the school, becomes its new benefactress deeding it $250,000. The day following her deed and before she has handed over the money, Miss Eldredge disappears. Whereas most others believe Miss Eldredge decided to renege on her donation, Nancy is certain she has been kidnapped. Nancy is even more certain when she witnesses an unrelated event she thinks is tied to Miss Eldredge’s disappearance. Nancy’s father, renowned lawyer Carson Drew, believes what his daughter has seen but would rather she leave the investigative work to the police. But Nancy, disobeying her father at every turn, decides to find Miss Eldredge with the help of her bumbling next door neighbor, Ted Nickerson.

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