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Necromentia 2009


Year: 2009

Directors: Pearry Reginald Teo

Genres: Horror

Countries: USA

Votes: 288

Rating: 4.00

Cast: Thomas: Zach Cumer; Hagen: Santiago Craig; Morbius: Layton Matthews; Travis: Chad Grimes; Little Boy: Cole Braxton; Elizabeth: Zelieann Rivera; Connor: Crow Garrett; Mr. Skinny: Nathan Ginn; Smithson: John Eslinger; Bar Love Interest: Frederick Edwards; Lawyer: Mark Maltzer; Boyfriend: Terry Spector; Demon: Tony Yeatropoulos; Girlfriend: Judy Ben-Asher; Bar Patron: Sarah Finn

Taglines: Hell Awaits The Foolish

Storyline: Two trained and powerful dogs rob Smallville Cooperative under the command of two career criminal brothers, Zack and Josh Greenfield, but one of them escapes and is hit by Lois Lane’s car. She brings the wounded animal to Kent Farm, and Clark Kent finds the secret of the animal which has super powers, and becomes attached to it, while the criminals look for the animal for a next heist. Meanwhile, the mysterious relationship of Lana Lang and the Teague’s ancestors is disclosed a little more.

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