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Needful Things 1993

Needful Things

Year: 1993

Directors: Fraser Clarke Heston

Genres: Crime,Drama,Horror,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 5177

Rating: 5.80

Cast: Polly Chalmers: Bonnie Bedelia; Leland Gaunt: Max von Sydow; Danforth ‘Buster’ Keeton III: J.T. Walsh; Deputy Norris Ridgewick: Ray McKinnon; Netitia ‘Nettie’ Cobb: Amanda Plummer; Hugh Albert Priest: Duncan Fraser; Pete Jerzyck: Frank C. Turner; Myrtle Keeton: Gillian Barber; Father Meehan: William Morgan Sheppard; Wilma Wadlowski Jerzyck: Valri Bromfield; Brian Rusk: Shane Meier; Reverend Willie Rose: Don S. Davis; Principal Frank Jewett: Campbell Lane; Henry Beaufort: Eric Schneider; Sheriff Alan J. Pangborn: Ed Harris

Taglines: Now it’s time to pay!
The town of Castle Rock just made a deal with the Devil… Now it’s time to pay!
Buy now. Pay later.

Storyline: The devil in disguise comes to a quiet, peaceful town and opens a store called Needful Things. The store has an item for everyone in town. All the devil asks for in return is a few dirty pranks. Little do they know, that they’ve sold their souls, and the pranks escalate to murder…

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