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Next of Kin

Next of Kin

Year: 1984

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: Canada

Votes: 419

Rating: 6.7

Cast: Apkarian Hagop; Apkarian Puzant; Babiak Paul; Babian Kaloust; Coyne Andrew; Egoyan Atom; Fazalian Berj; Haller Irwin; Hasserjian Simon; Kharshafdjian Kevork; Kirijian Assadour; Kosoy Robert; Magnatta Constantino; Melikian Arthur; Melikian Garbis; Rash Phil; Tierney Patrick; Tierney Thomas; Yeremian Pierre; Basmajian Arsho; Basmajian Isa; Basmajian Silva; Christopherson Peg; Collins Lindsay; Collins Linzee; Fazlian Sirvart; Frieberg Camelia; Hamparian Nadya; Khanjian Arsinйe; Kharshafdjian Sylvia; Lord Charmaine; Loveys Margaret; Melikian Arsinйe; Palin Vivian; Papazian Sirvart; Tikiryan-Dwyer Hurrie; Trpandjian Hripsime; White Judy; Mettler Peter; Haller Susan


Storyline: Twenty-three-year old Peter Foster is an only child who lives at home, where he constantly hears his parents arguing. Because Peter does nothing all day, the family goes to a clinic where a therapist videotapes them. After Peter watches his tape, he views the tape of a troubled Armenian family, who gave their only son away for adoption when they arrived in Canada. Peter decides to visit this family, and he pretends to be their son, Bedros Deryan. The Deryan family welcomes him with open arms, and Peter tries to patch up the poor relationship between George Deryan and his daughter Azah.

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