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Night Train to Munich

Night Train to Munich

Year: 1940

Genres: Thriller,War

Countries: UK

Votes: 864

Rating: 7.2

Cast: Aylmer Felix; Baxter Edward; Culver Roland; Denton Arthur; Fleming Ian; France C.V.; Goldie Wyndham; Graham Morland; Harcourt James; Harrison Rex; Henreid Paul; Herbert Bryan; Horne David; Huntley Raymond; Jeayes Allan; Kent Kenneth; Lieven Albert; Makeham Eliot; Marion-Crawford Howard; Mulcaster G.H.; Oliver Charles; Patch Wally; Radford Basil; Roberts J.H.; Russell Billy; Thatcher Torin; Trevor Austin; Valk Frederick; Walter Wilfred; Wayne Naunton; Wengraf John; Williams Ben; Williams Pat; Woodman Pardoe; Cobb Jane; Handl Irene; Lockwood Margaret; Oughton Winifred; Black Edward; Gilliat Sidney; Launder Frank; Wellesley Gordon; Kanturek Otto; Reed Carol; Dearing R.E.; Frewin Leslie; Gordon Michael; Harcourt Jo


Storyline: When the Germans march into Prague, armour-plating inventor Dr Bomasch flees to England. His daughter Anna escapes from arrest to join him, but the Gestapo manage to kidnap them both back to Berlin. As war looms, British secret service agent Gus Bennet follows disguised as a senior German army officer. His ploy is the not unpleasant one of pretending to woo Anna to the German cause.
Anna Bomasch is a Czech industrialist’s daughter being used by Gestapo agent Marsen who is looking for her father also. British agent Bennett poses as a Nazi officer to aid the Bomasches escape.

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