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Ninja Assassin 2009

Ninja Assassin

Year: 2009

Directors: James McTeigue

Genres: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: Germany,USA

Votes: 15166

Rating: 6.40

Cast: Mika: Naomie Harris; Tattoo Master: Randall Duk Kim; Hollywood: Sung Kang; Maslow: Ben Miles; Yakuza Mohawk: Ill-Young Kim; Yakuza Henchman: Jonathan Chan-Pensley; Ozunu: Shф Kosugi; Pretty Ninja: Linh Dan Pham; Yakuza Couch: Yuki Iwamoto; Landlady: Adriana Altaras; Young Kiriko: Kylie Goldstein; Young Raizo: Yoon Sungwoong; Raizo: Rain; Laundromat Manager: Yu Fang; Mrs. Sabatin: Eleonore Weisgerber


Storyline: Clark has some weird dreams with the cave and about flying. When he puts the hexagonal key in a hole in the wall of the cave, he immediately learns how to decode the symbols. Then, while waiting for Chloe at the Kent’s farm, his uncontrolled vision burns a symbol on the wall of the barn. Chloe publishes the picture in the front page of The Torch, and Clark soon receives an e-mail from a wealthy and prominent scientist from New York. Clark goes to New York and meets the reclusive and quadriplegic Dr. Virgil Swann (Christopher Reeve), who tells Clark about his origins from the planet Krypton, his real birth name of Kal-El. Clark also finds another message in the spaceship which troubles Clark. Elsewhere, Dr. Waldon finds the hexagonal key left behind in the cave and when he puts it in the cave hole, he gets hit with the so-called Kryptonian knowledge which overloads his brain and ends up in coma, which further fuels Lex’s suspicions about the cave and Clark. Also, Lana considers moving out of Chloe’s house to look for a place of her own.

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