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Not as a Stranger 1955

Not as a Stranger

Year: 1955

Directors: Stanley Kramer

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 574

Rating: 6.70

Cast: Kristina Hedvigson: Olivia de Havilland; Alfred Boone: Frank Sinatra; Lucas Marsh: Robert Mitchum; Dr. Dave W. Runkleman: Charles Bickford; Brundage: Lee Marvin; Dr. Dietrich: Whit Bissell; Job Marsh: Lon Chaney Jr.; Dr. Snider: Myron McCormick; Harriet Lang: Gloria Grahame; Dr. Aarons: Broderick Crawford; Ben Cosgrove: Jesse White; Oley: Harry Morgan; Bruni: Virginia Christine; Dr. Lettering: Jack Raine; Nurse Odell: Mae Clarke


Storyline: Lucas Marsh (Robert Mitchum), an intern bent upon becoming a first-class doctor, not merely a successful one. He courts and marries the warm-hearted Kristina (Olivia de Havilland), not out of love but because she is highly knowledgeable in the skills of the operating room and because she has frugally put aside her savings through the years. She will be, as he shrewdly knows, a supportive wife in every way. She helps make him the success he wants to be and cheerfully moves with him to the small town in which he starts his practice. But as much as he tries to be a good husband to the undemanding Kristina, Marsh easily falls into the arms of a local siren (Gloria Grahame) and the patience of the long-sorrowing Kristina wears thin. She reasons he no longer needs her and asks for a divorce. A calamity now brings Marsh to his senses. Dr. Runkleman (Charles Bickford), Marsh’s gruff and wise employer, is stricken with a heart attack and requires emergency surgery. Marsh is forced to operate.

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