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Now and Forever

Now and Forever

Year: 1934

Genres: Drama,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 190

Rating: 6.6

Cast: Brecher Egon; Chan Luke; Cheron AndrŠ¹; Cooper Gary; Emery Gilbert; Harris Sam; Kolker Henry; Komai Tetsu; Loo Richard; Phelps Buster; Sedan Rolfe; Standing Guy; Stubbs Harry; Tamiroff Akim; Webb George; Wong Beal; Daumery Carrie; Granville Charlotte; Lombard Carole; Seabury Ynez; Temple Shirley; Lighton Louis D.; Baker Melville; Kirkland Jack; Lawrence Vincent; Thalberg Sylvia; Fischbeck Harry; Banton Travis; Hathaway Henry; Hoagland Ellsworth; Zukor Adolph


Storyline: Young freewheeling wanderer Jerry Day and his beautiful wife Toni are at odds over their lifestyle. Jerry can’t accept responsibility but Toni yearns for a family and a settled life. Then the Days ‘rediscover’ Jerry’s young daughter Pennie, who has been living with his rich deceased wife’s family. Pennie appears to be just what Jerry needs to mend his swindling ways and lead a straight life. Despite the responsibility of his new family, Jerry is swayed by the corruptible influence of jewelry thief Felix Evans. When Evans lures Jerry into a job, it puts the continuation of his new family life at risk.

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