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Oi! Warning

Oi! Warning

Year: 1999

Genres: Drama

Countries: Germany

Votes: 466

Rating: 6.1

Cast: Backhaus Sascha; Becker Marcus; Bhattachryya Sascha; Brendel Andrej; Breuer Dominik; Burmann Ludger; Clausnitzer Claus Dieter; de Jesus Balbino; Goerts Simon; Gцllner Peter; Heinsohn Dieter; Herboldt Michael; Kleisch Reiner; Knoll Hans-Peter; Lolek; Magali; Marks Joshua; Mendroch Horst; Mьller Charles; Perschel Dieter; Pohlmann Thomas; Rudau Heiko; Schmidt Eike; Seyo; Veith Jens; Wettermann Thomas; Witzke Thomas; Borgmann Sandra; Brьgger Tanja; Dirks Britta; Hartwig Anke; Kriegeskotte Hedi; Thoms Sophie; Uschi; Venhaus Andrea; Vergeen Regine; Zumer Annett; Holtgreve Sabine; Reding Ben; Reding Dominik; Schulte Susan; von Mengershausen Joachim; Henschel Axel; Ammermann Tom; Splett Christine; Neubert-Maric Margot; Linde Sandra

Taglines: Leben auf eigene Gefahr!

Storyline: The film (the third of the Reding brothers) is about a German teenager following his identity crisis. The boy, transformed by the usual down-trodden socio-economic conditions of contemporary Europe, becomes a skin head, following the first one’s lead. On the other side he befriends with a leftist (a punk) who is gay. This causes more and more conflicts which eventually leads to an atrocious end for the punk. The film offers scenes of homophobic violence by skinheads, and the whole relationship between the skinhead and gay movements (in Germany gay skinheads represent a substantial subculture).

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