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Operation Crossbow

Operation Crossbow

Year: 1965

Genres: Action,Drama,War

Countries: UK

Votes: 1664

Rating: 6.6

Cast: Abineri John; Alderton John; Brown Robert; Courtenay Tom; Cuthbertson Allan; Dantine Helmut; Deghy Guy; Denham Maurice; Diffring Anton; Duering Carl; Foley Frank; Fraser John; Frees Wolf; Heller John G.; Henley Drewe; Henreid Paul; Howard Trevor; Jackson Gordon; Johnson Richard; Kemp Jeremy; Klauber Gertan; Le Mesurier John; Lloyd Pack Charles; Madoc Philip; Mayne Ferdy; Mervyn William; Mikell George; Mills John; Payne James; Peppard George; Quayle Anthony; Ronane John; Spenser Jeremy; Sperber Milo; Stepanek Karel; Todd Richard; Watson Moray; Wattis Richard; Wymark Patrick; Loren Sophia; Palmer Lilli; Rьtting Barbara; Syms Sylvia; Ponti Carlo; Coletti Duilio; Petrilli Vittoriano; Pressburger Emeric; Quinn Derry; Rigby Ray; Hillier Erwin; Goodwin Ron; Anderson Michael; Walter Ernest; Doret Bernard


Storyline: This is the story of the methods used to defeat Hitler’s V1 (doodlebug) and V2 (rocket) “revenge weapons” towards the end of the second world war. Even though the Nazis were in retreat these weapons could have turned their defeat into victory. The film includes references to Hannah Reich, who in real life was a test pilot and really did fly some of the first ‘flying bombs’.
In an effort to learn more about German rocketry, the Allies infiltrate the Nazi missile works at Peenemunde. The agents they have selected are all engineers and they assume the identities of real-life individuals who are either dead or otherwise indisposed. What they don’t realize is that the mission has been compromised from the beginning by the fact that one of them men is wanted for murder and that one of the applicants for the mission is actually a Nazi agent. In the end, the two remaining agents assist the RAF in identifying the works site during a massive bombing campaign.

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