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Orgazmo 1997


Year: 1997

Directors: Trey Parker

Genres: Comedy,Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Votes: 8661

Rating: 5.80

Cast: Dave the Lighting Guy: Matt Stone; Ben Chapleski/Choda Boy: Dian Bachar; Lisa: Robyn Lynne Raab; Maxxx Orbison: Michael Dean Jacobs; Clark: Ron Jeremy; Rodgers: Andrew Kemler; A-Cup: David Dunn; Georgi: Toddy Walters; Candi: Chasey Lain; Saffi: Juli Ashton; G-Fresh: Masao Maki; Jimmy the Fish: Joseph Arsenault; Tommy the Shark: Jeff Schubert; Randy the Guppy: Desi Singh

Taglines: From the Creators of “South Park”
Fighting crime never felt so good!
Making sex safe again!
He’s coming to save the world!

Storyline: Joe Young is a young Mormon actor who preaches the word of God in LA and can’t get anything from it. One day he stumbles on the set of new porno movie shot by well known porn director Maxxx Orbison. Maxxx chooses Joe for the title part in his new movie Captain Orgazmo. Joe soon befriends short and skinny Ben Chapleski (his sidekick in the film), who invented a ray-gun which emits a light beam that causes the most intense orgasm in whoever it hits (called Orgasmorator). Unexpectedly movie Captain Orgazmo becomes a cult hit, and Joe’s girlfriend Lisa accidentally sees the movie in the video store – and the problems begin.

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