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Over the Wire

Over the Wire

Year: 1996

Genres: Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 119

Rating: 4.4

Cast: Abell Tim; Christensen David; Dole Bob; Hagen Ross; Lazar John; Lewis Keith; Nepita Sean; Blair Kimberly; Drew Griffin; Hall Landon; O’Brien Shauna; Pratt Lisa; Stevens Brinke; Key Jr. Don; Stevens Andrew; Slate Pete; Wexler Howard; Yamin Mandana; Ray Fred Olen; Del Mar Martin; Gottlieb Jay; Ray Christopher; Harwell Helen

Taglines: Some Lines Shouldn’t Be Crossed

Storyline: Bruce is a telephone lineman who accidentally overhears a murder plot. When 911 informs him that there is nothing that they can do about it, he takes matters into his own hands, and gets entangled in a world of sex and mystery.

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