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Paris Is Burning

Paris Is Burning

Year: 1990

Genres: Documentary

Countries: USA

Votes: 949

Rating: 7.4

Cast: Carmen and Brooke; Christian Andrй; Corey Dorian; Duprйe Paris; Father Xtravaganza David The; Holder Geoffrey; Labeija Junior; LaBeija Pepper; Ninja Sandy; Ninja Willi; Pendavis Avis; Pendavis Freddie; Pendavis Kim; Pendavis Sol; Saint Laurent Stevie; Xtravaganza Anji; Xtravaganza Danny; Xtravaganza David; Xtravaganza David Ian; Ford Eileen; Headley Shari; Lebowitz Fran; St. Laurent Octavia; Verdon Gwen; Xtravaganza Bianca; Xtravaganza Venus; Dooley Richard; Livingston Jennie; Swimar Barry; Gibson Paul; Oppenheim Jonathan

Taglines: Having a ball…wish you were here

Storyline: This is a documentary of ‘drag nights’ among New York’s underclass. Queens are interviewed and observed preparing for and competing in many ‘balls’. The people, the clothes, and the whole environment are outlandish.
An unblinking behind the scenes story of fashion obsessed New Yorkers who created “voguing” and drag balls , and turned these raucous celebrations into a powerful expression pf personal pride. The world within a world is instantly familiar, filled with ambitions, desires and yearnings that reflect America itself. PARIS IS BURNING is an intimate portrait of one urban community, a world in which the allure of high fashion, status and wealth becomes an affirmation of love, acceptance and joy.

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