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Patch Adams

Patch Adams

Year: 1998

Genres: Biography,Comedy,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 31371

Rating: 6.2

Cast: Acuff David; Adkins Richard C.; Alden Norman; Alexander Aaron; Allen James; Arness Andy; Baca Jason Aaron; Black Galen; Bohne Bruce; Bowen Jake; Camp Rick; Carlo Ismael ‘East’; Carraway James; Casey Mike; Cheadle Amadeius; Cheshier Lydell M.; Conrad Roy; Cooper David; Coppola Alan; Cotton James Anthony; Coyle J. Stephen; Coyote Peter; Downes Jamieson; Durrett Roger W.; Feaster Bob; Fine David; Fiorito Geoff; Gonzalez Alex; Gould Harold; Greene James; Groener Harry; Gunton Bob; Haines Wesley G.; Hannafin Dan; Henley Barry Shabaka; Hoffman Ken; Hoffman Philip Seymour; Holder Jonathan; Home Alan; Hurst Ryan; Idiart Peter; Ironbear Mylo; Jacobus Jay; Jeter Michael; Johnson Tim; Jones Steven Anthony; Kanellakos Alexander; Kennedy Michael Stanton; Kiley Richard; LaBell Antonio; Lee George; London Daniel; Mackenzie Piers; McIntyre Thom; Oglesby Randy; Peduto Ralph; Presnell Harve; Rice Brian; Rice Brian T.; Ritter Charles; Rizzo Don; Roberson Bill; Roberts Douglas; Rocha Alberto; Salley Alfred; Schancupp Jonathan; Scharff William Joseph; Sestero Greg; Sheng Samuel; Silberg Richard J.; Siteri Peter; Smith Kyle Timothy; Sommer Josef; Sommers Michael X.; Trefry Joseph; Tudyk Alan; Warren Harris; West Don; Westfall Ralph David; Williams Howard Allison; Williams Robin; Wolchok James Marshall; Yee Kelvin Han; Albertini Dow Ellen; Amos Diane; Christine Wanda; Cortez Vivis; Croft Doreen Foo; DeLorenzo Mary; Eddy Sonya; Fairchild Patricia M.; Fitzhugh Katherine; Hall Irma P.; Holt Lorri; Johnson Bonnie; Jones Dot; Keith Kate; Kimball Donna; Kuhn Daniella; Lozano Domenique; McCaddon Wanda; McCain Frances Lee; Michel Karen; Orrock Shannon; Pineda Christine; Potter Monica; Rogers Renee; Smith Stephanie; Stanley Cameron Brooke; Stefano Kathleen; Tate Domonique; Thomas Jena Marie; Tourtillott Helen; Vitanva Vilma; Clegg Allegra; Curtiss Alan B.; Farrell Mike; Kemp Barry; Minoff Marvin; Moos-Hankin Devorah; Newirth Charles; Oedekerk Steve; Shadyac Tom; Williams Marsha Garces; Adams Patch; Mylander Maureen; Papamichael Phedon; Shaiman Marc; Ruskin Judy L.; Zimmerman Don; Aiello Coleen; Alen Mary J.; Ardito Saundra Marie; Baisey Clyde D.; Bigham Michael; Bowles Jill; Bronskill Richard; Bryant Adam; Cauldwell Kristin; Crabbe Astrid; Dames Tom; DePasquale Carol; Desmond Christopher; Dobrin Bruce; Dorner Michael; Enke Rory; Ferraro Gary; Ford Joseph; Garces Jennifer; Glass Mellisa; Grant Richard; Graves Richard; Hager Mark; Hoge Rob; Jagger Karis; James Debra; Kern Michael R.; LaZebnik Paul; Lewis Denise; Leyton Heather; Maull James; McNamara Kevin; Meehan Michael John; Messina Matt V.; Miralia Andrea; Munn Jack; Murphy Jasa; Panzer Amy; Radcliff Willie; Rich Cheryl; Robbins Christi; Robbins Sussanah; Shellow Douglas V.R.; Spencer Rebecca Erwin; Stone Cheryl A.; Sutton Mitch; Thomas Lloyd; Umble Michael; DeScenna Linda

Taglines: Based On A True Story.
Laughter is contagious.

Storyline: Patch Adams is determined to become a medical doctor because he enjoys helping people. Unfortunately, the medical and scientific community does not appreciate his methods of healing the sick, while the actual patients, medical professors, and hospital nurses all appreciate the work *he* can do, because they are unable to do it.
In 1969, Hunter Adams was a troubled man who voluntarily committed himself into a mental institution. Once there, he finds that helping his fellow inmates there gives him a purpose in life. Thus inspired, he leaves the asylum and vows to become a doctor to help people professionally. However, what he finds at medical school is a sickeningly callous philosophy that advocates an arms-length attitude to the patients that does not address their emotional needs or the quality of their lives. “Patch” Adams is determined to find a better way to help them, although the consequences of his defiance of the rules and the authorities are severe.
Fact-based story of Hunter “Patch” Adams, the founder of the Gesundheit Clinic, a clinic which deals with their patients with humor and pathos. The film starts with Hunter admitting himself as a patient in a mental ward. While there, he found he enjoyed helping the other patients and found the staff to be cold and separative from the patients. Vowing to change things, he releases himself from the hospital and headed to the Virginia Medical College. His unorthodox methods cast him up against many of the doctors and deans of the university, despite him getting some of the highest grades in his class. Recognizing that many poor people were not being treated, as a student he formed the Gesundheit Clinic to aid those who were not getting proper treatment at the hospital. However, this brought him up before the Medical Review Board for practicing without a license.
Un’altra grande prova di attore per Robin Williams nell’ultimo film di Tom Shaydac, nel quale si racconta l’incredibile storia (vera) di Patch Adams, prima studente di medicina, poi paziente ed infine medico in un istituto per malattie mentali, convinto della necessitа di dover curare le persone, prima delle malattie. Il film и ispirato alle autentiche vicende del Dr Hunter Patch Adams, fondatore del Gesundheit Institute, nel North Carolina, una clinica specializzata nella cura emotiva e psicologica del paziente, prima che medica. La storia parte dalle esperienze studentesche di Patch. Il preside della facoltа, Walcott, si oppone alle sue idee strampalate, ma l’entusiasmo di Patch contagia comunque altre persone, fra le quali l’infermiera Joletta e i compagni di corso Truman e Carin. Intanto Patch, con il suo atteggiamento divertente ed eccentrico riesce ad aprire un varco nelle paure dei piщ piccini. Combattendo contro la medicina ufficiale con la convinzione che “una risata и la miglior cura” il giovane rischia la propria carriera, ma riesce, alla fine, ad ottenere appoggi e validi risultati. Arriva anche a fondare l’Istituto che ancora dirige con successo e pubblica, nel 1993, un libro in cui spiega la propria esperienza e le strane ricette che prescrive, a base di travestimenti e palloncini colorati : l’importante и riuscire a stabilire un contatto di simpatia e di fiducia con i piccoli pazienti per poter ottenere positivi risultati clinici. Questa la storia. E pensiamo che non ci poteva essere altro attore in grado di vestire i panni di questo personaggio folle, ma estremamente deciso e motivato nelle proprie scelte di aiutare il prossimo.

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