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Patriot Games 1992

Patriot Games

Year: 1992

Directors: Phillip Noyce

Genres: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

Countries: USA

Votes: 20185

Rating: 6.80

Cast: Lt. Cmdr. Robby Jackson: Samuel L. Jackson; Paddy O’Neil: Richard Harris; Kevin O’Donnell: Patrick Bergin; Adm. James Greer: James Earl Jones; Sally Ryan: Thora Birch; Sean Miller: Sean Bean; Marty Cantor: J. E. Freeman; Sgt. Owens: Alun Armstrong; Annette: Polly Walker; Jack Ryan: Harrison Ford; Dennis Cooley: Alex Norton; Dr. Caroline “Cathy” Ryan: Anne Archer; Insp. Robert Highland: David Threlfall; Geoffrey Watkins: Hugh Fraser; Lord William Holmes: James Fox

Taglines: Let the Games Begin.
Not for honor. Not for country. For his wife and child.

Storyline: Jack Ryan, the hero of Tom Clancy’s techno-thriller series, returns in the sequel to _The Hunt for Red October_. Ryan is on vacation in England when he spoils an assassination attempt on an important member of the Royal Family. Ryan gets drawn back into the CIA when the same splinter faction of the IRA targets him and his family.

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