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Pauline & Paulette

Pauline & Paulette

Year: 2001

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: Belgium,France,Netherlands

Votes: 1056

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Bauwens Michael; Bekaert Leentje; Beukelaers Franзois; Borgmans Warre; Buyl Nand; Caucheteux Rene; Coessens Herman; Crucke Koen; de Kesel Lucrese; de Wulf Wim; Debbaut Roger; Debrauwer Frans; Demedts Jef; Drecq Philippe; Gent Stroppentheater; Lanners Bouli; Nuyens Luc; Stephane Idwig; Van Herbergen Raymond; Ythier Olivier; Bergmans Rosemarie; Blereau Camilia; Cnudde Magda; Coryn Denise; De Bruyn Julienne; de Kesel Annie; De Paepe Kiki; De Vos Ingrid; De Walle Marie Christine; Dedonder Suzanne; Deman Simone; Lammens Josiane; Lamsens Rosika; Lepomme Linda; Locufier Christiane; Maddens Rita; Petersen Ann; Ramoudt Machteld; Shermann Freddie; Silkijn Rita; Tanghe Jenny; Termonia Christine; van der Groen Dora; Van Herbergen Suzy; Verdier Jocelyne; Verhaert Maria; Boon Jaak; Janne Dominique; Rechsteiner Emjay; Zylberberg Arlette; Debrauwer Lieven; Laer Michel van; Devreese Frйdйric; Siebens Erna; Ravoet Philippe; Fonteyne Valerie; Wacheul Dimitri


Storyline: Pauline is a ‘little girl of 66 years old’. She is mentally retarded and been cared after by her sister Martha. When Martha dies, her two younger sisters, Paulette and Cecile have to make a decision on the best place for Pauline to be looked after. Neither of them is ready to take care of her. Paulette has a shop to look after and Cecile has her Albert. But according to Martha’s last will, her fortune will only be divided in three equal parts if one of the sisters looks after Pauline. If they decide to take her to an institution, Pauline will be the only heir.

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