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Playing Dangerous

Playing Dangerous

Year: 1994

Genres: Comedy,Drama,Thriller,Family

Countries: USA

Votes: 174

Rating: 4.8

Cast: Anderson Kyle; Andriole David; Barron Andre; D’Allesandro Peter; El Richard Parks; Harvey Michael; Johnson Mike; Kellis Nick; LeBeau Mikey; Levine James; Miller David Keith; Pope Brian; Shannon George; Skillman Jack; Thomas John Norman; Vitoria Adrian; Kemsley Victoria; LoPorto Linda; Patrick Ali; Switzer Jackie; White Louise; Gottlieb Sam; Robinson Rosalind; Nakonechnyj Anthony G.; Arem Keith; Rade Jennifer; Lanoff Lawrence; Miller Tony; Cook Carla; D’Andre Marc; Fell Katherine; Forlenza Toby; Fox Billy A.; Low Chuck; Pare Therese; Sulzburg Bruce

Taglines: 5 Terroristen. Ein kleiner Junge. Das Spiel beginnt. (5 terrorists. One little boy. The match begins.)
Clever wie Kevin – Unbarmherzig wie Mikey (Clever like Kevin – Merciless like Mikey)
Five Terrorists. One Kid. You Do The Maths.

Storyline: A young scientific whiz (Mikey LeBeau) virtually single-handedly defeats corporate mercernaries who take his family hostage to get a blueprint for a top secret super-fast computer chip.

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