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Ponyo 2008


Year: 2008

Directors: Hayao Miyazaki

Genres: Animation,Family,Adventure,Fantasy

Countries: Japan

Votes: 11395

Rating: 7.90

Cast: Young Mother: Rumi Hоragi; Ponyo: Yuria Nara; Risa: Tomoko Yamaguchi; Sosuke: Hiroki Doi; Guranmamare: Yыki Amami; Kфichi: Kazushige Nagashima; Fujimoto: Jфji Tokoro; Kumiko: Eimi Hiraoka; Anchorman: Shinichi Hatori; Ponyo no kyфdai: Akiko Yano; Kayo: Tokie Hidari; Toki: Kazuko Yoshiyuki; Yoshie: Tomoko Naraoka; Karen: Nozomi Ohashi

Taglines: Welcome To A World Where Anything Is Possible.

Storyline: When Lex Luthor loses a $150 million contract to Luthor Corp, he finds that his mansion was bugged by his father. He hires a team to bug the offices of Luthor Corp expecting to find the building empty since it is Sunday, but Lionel Luthor assigns Martha for work in his office with him. Jonathan becomes very upset, since it is their wedding anniversary, and he was planning a picnic with Martha. Lex calls off the action, but the leader of the group of industrial spies is killed by a member who wants to steal the contents of Lionel’s safe. Martha and Lionel become hostages of the criminals, and when they open the safe, a great secret is disclosed. Meanwhile, Lana schedules a meeting with Mr. & Mrs. Small in the Talon to get to know Jennifer Small, who warns Lana about her husband.

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