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Popeye 1980


Year: 1980

Directors: Robert Altman

Genres: Family,Comedy,Romance,Musical

Countries: USA

Votes: 9328

Rating: 4.80

Cast: Popeye: Robin Williams; Wimpy: Paul Dooley; Olive Oyl: Shelley Duvall; Ham Gravy, the Old Boyfriend: Bill Irwin; Nana Oyl: Roberta Maxwell; Bluto: Paul L. Smith; The Taxman: Donald Moffat; Castor Oyl: Donovan Scott; Poopdeck Pappy: Ray Walston; Geezil: Richard Libertini; Cole Oyl: MacIntyre Dixon; Rough House: Allan F. Nicholls; Swee’pea: Wesley Ivan Hurt; Bill Barnacle, the Town Drunk: Robert Fortier; Harry Hotcash, the Gambler: David McCharen

Taglines: Haves a happy holiday wit me an’ Olive!
The sailor man with the spinach can!
Blow me down! It’s comink for Chrustmas!

Storyline: The comic strip and animated sailor hero comes to life in this meticulous live action production that looks at the origins of Popeye and his battle against arch-rival Bluto. Nearly all the characters from the strip are reproduced here.

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