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Powwow Highway

Powwow Highway

Year: 1989

Genres: Drama

Countries: UK

Votes: 752

Rating: 7.1

Cast: Anthony Nicholas; Born Roscoe; Farmer Gary; Frank Tony; Grant Rodney A.; Greene Graham; Harris Lafayette J.; Head Bill T.; Holmstrom Ron; Martinez A; Means Mike; Miles Marc; Pollard James ‘JR’; Randal Patrick; Rivas Geoffrey; Rowland Chris; Seals Sky; Shoulder Blade Keith; Shoulder Blade Titus; Studi Wes; Taylor Adam; Trudell John; Vlahos Sam; Waterman Wayne; Westerman Floyd ‘Red Crow’; Zamora Del; Brooks Kandi; Gomez Dalin; Handren-Seals Irene; Kane Margot; McDonald Chrissie; Nashoba Nuchie; Not Afraid Rogene; Opitz Leigh; Roberts Stephanie; Rogers Maria Antoinette; Romero Joannelle Nadine; Rowland Ariane; Van Ingen Patricia; Wyss Amanda; Harrison George; Kraines Carl; O’Brien Denis; Wieringa Jan; Heaney Janet; Seals David; Stawarz Jean; Kurita Toyomichi; Goldberg Barry; Mussenden Isis; Wacks Jonathan; Stewart Jim; Allanoff Benjamin; Broyles Kathie; Flynn Veronica; Geiogamah Hanay; Halloran Kevin; McMillan Brian; Okun Jeffrey A.; Sowder Cynthia


Storyline: Social realism regarding struggles of reservation-dwelling Native Americans in the North Central states of the US. Main character is an introspective and lovable person in a process of seeking pride and identity through tradtional and mystical means of gathering power. His high school friend, who is a Vietnam War Veteran, is exerting power as a highly principled social activist, using a modern rational materialist adversarial model of progress.
Buddy Red Bow is struggling, in the face of persecution, by greedy developers and political in-fighting, to keep his nation on a Montana Crow Reservation financially solvent and independent. Philbert, a simple-minded friend of Buddy’s, ardently pursues Native American/First Nation wisdom and lore wherever he can find it–even on Bonanza–in order to earn his warrior name. He’s even got his war pony, Protector: a beat-up old wreck of a car. Buddy’s sister has been arrested in Santa Fe, and together Buddy and Philbert set off on a road trip to look after her kids and go bail her out. However, Bonnie’s arrest has something strange about it as her friend Rabbit points out. As the miles roll by, Philbert’s faith challenges Buddy’s hard-edged view of the world (and occasional bout of reckless violence), and together they face the realities and dreams of being Crow in the modern-day US as they fight to free Bonnie and her children and elude the Feds.

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