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Private Lives

Private Lives

Year: 1931

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 401

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Bing Herman; Davis George; Denny Reginald; Hersholt Jean; Martell Alphonse; Montgomery Robert; North Wilfrid; Boros Ferike; Merkel Una; Shearer Norma; Thalberg Irving; Coward Noel; Krдly Hanns; Schayer Richard; West Claudine; Binger Ray; Axt William; Adrian; Franklin Sidney; Nervig Conrad A.


Storyline: Elyot and Sibyl are being married in a big church ceremony. Amanda and Victor are being married by a French Justice of the Peace. Both couples go to a hotel on the same day and are put in adjoining rooms with adjoining terraces. Things go fine until Amanda sees her former husband Elyot on the adjacent terrace. While they both pretend to be happy, both make plans to leave, but their spouses do not want to leave as it is their respective honeymoons. So the other spouses each go down to the bar. This leaves Elyot and Amanda together and they reminisce. Before long, the sparks again fly and they both decide to leave together to the Mountains of Switzerland. They love, they bicker, they fight, they stop. Then it begins over and over. Then Victor and Sibyl show up at their chalet.
Unbeknown to the other couple, Elyot & Sibyl Chase, and Victor & Amanda Prynne are both honeymooning at the same French coastal resort hotel at the same time, staying in adjacent suites 359 and 357 with connecting terraces. Not that Sibyl has ever met the Prynnes, or Victor the Chases, but Amanda and Elyot have met before as Amanda was the first Mrs. Elyot Chase. The two got divorced a year earlier due primarily to supposed infidelity on both sides. When Elyot and Amanda see each other for the first time at the resort, they are initially mortified, but quickly come to the realization that they are still in love with each other. They decide to ditch their respective second spouses and run off together to a Swiss chalet, a homage to their first honeymoon. The questions become will Victor and/or Sibyl care and run after their respective spouse, and/or will the problems in Elyot and Amanda’s marriage resurface despite each vowing that the year apart has matured their relationship?

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