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Random Harvest

Random Harvest

Year: 1942

Genres: Drama,Romance

Countries: USA

Votes: 2750

Rating: 7.9

Cast: Adams Harry; Adams Lowden; Allen Harry; Atchley Hooper; Aubrey Jimmy; Bennett Charles; Benson Frank; Boulton Matthew; Burton John; Cavendish David; Choristers St. Luke’s Episcopal Church; Clark Wallis; Clyde David; Colman Ronald; Cooper Melville; Cory Robert; Craig Alec; D’Albrook Sidney; Daniel Henry; De Becker Harold; Dorn Philip; Evans Herbert; Ferguson Al; Fielding Edward; Fletcher Bramwell; Gould-Porter Arthur; Hale Bobby; Hare Lumsden; Harris Sam; Harrison Hugh; Harvey Forrester; Hill Al; Hilliard Ernest; Hilton James; Hitchcock Keith; Hughes Tommy; Irwin Boyd; James Bill; Kenny Colin; Kilburn Terry; King Henry; Kirby George; Lawford Peter; Mann Stanley; Margetson Arthur; Mather Aubrey; Maxwell Dan; May Clement; McLaglen Cyril; Moriarty Pat; Mudie Leonard; Napier Alan; Nind Bill; Owen Reginald; Perkins Gil; Power John; Severn Clifford; Shannon Harry; Shaw C. Montague; Sheffield Reginald; Sherwood Yorke; Shields Arthur; Simpson Ivan F.; Sketchley Leslie; Space Arthur; Stephenson Robert R.; Stuart Donald; Tetley Walter; Thornton Cyril; Travers Henry; Van Eyck John; Waldron Charles; Whitbeck Frank; Williams Rhys; Wilton Eric; Wolfe Ian; Worlock Frederick; Blakeney Olive; Crane Madge; De Becker Marie; Esmond Jill; Evans Helena Phillips; Garson Greer; Gilbert Leatrice Joy; Harris Winifred; Irene Lilyan; Linden Marta; Logan Gwendolyn; Medford Kay; O’Connor Una; Page Rita; Peters Susan; Plowright Hilda; Richards Ann; Risdon Elisabeth; Varden Norma; Walker Pax; Williams Elizabeth; Wycherly Margaret; Franklin Sidney; Froeschel George; West Claudine; Wimperis Arthur; Ruttenberg Joseph; Stothart Herbert; Kalloch Robert; LeRoy Mervyn; Kress Harold F.; Matray Ernst; Ruddy Jonah

Taglines: It’s Great. Great Stars . . . A Great Story . . . A Great Author!
He had found love – lost it – and now had found it again!

Storyline: A veteran of World War I marries and settles happily into a tidy, humble life until an accident brings back memories of a former life of wealth and privilege while blocking all recollection of his existence since the war. Thus one man disappears, and another man long missing turns up and claims his vast inheritance. What does his devoted wife, whom he no longer recognizes, do?
As the First World War ends a soldier wanders out of a Midlands asylum. Smithy was found in the trenches having lost his memory and all contact with the past. Amidst the noise of the armistice celebrations he meets a music hall actress. They fall in love, marry, move to a country cottage, and have a son. On a trip alone to Liverpool Smithy is involved in an accident. His original memory returns, but he now remembers nothing at all about his new life.
World War I has just ended. An amnesiac war veteran, known as John Smith, has just escaped from the Melbridge County Asylum, only there in the first place because of his amnesia and having nowhere else to go. Outside, he is quickly befriended by Paula, a traveling music hall performer who nicknames him Smithy and who wants to nurture his ability to regain his memory. To hide him from the authorities who are after him, she quits her job and takes him out to the countryside. They soon fall in love and despite not knowing his true identity or his past, they get married and start a family. An accidental bump to the head makes Smithy remember his past life as Charles Rainier but he forgets about what happened in his life the previous three years, including his marriage to Paula. Charles returns to his life as a wealthy Rainier and begins his career as head of the Rainier family business. He also plans to marry a longtime family friend, Kitty. But Charles’ new secretary, Margaret Hansen, wants Charles to remember the life he left behind with Paula as Margaret is a person who knew Smithy. Margaret’s task is made even more complicated when Charles makes her an interesting proposition. Things start to look familiar once Charles makes a business trip to Melbridge.

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