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Remember Me?

Remember Me?

Year: 1997

Genres: Comedy

Countries: UK

Votes: 76

Rating: 4.8

Cast: Adoti Razaaq; Fedoro Olegar; Fleet James; Forgeham John; Lindsay Robert; Matthews Tim; Mayall Rik; Stepanov Yuri; Blethyn Brenda; Bruni Emily; Drew Amanda; Gwynne Haydn; Hicks Barbara; Staunton Imelda; Turner Bridget; Walter Natalie; Shallcross Alan; Wright Alan; Frayn Michael; Odd David; Kamen Michael; Shearmur Ed; Walter Charlotte; Hurran Nick; Wilson John; Barker Guy; Beaumont Mark; Bradshaw Christopher J.


Storyline: A domestic farce exposes the eccentricities of a “typical” middle class, suburban family who find their lives thrown into a crisis with the unexpected arrival of one of the wife’s old flames.

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