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Return to Innocence

Return to Innocence

Year: 2001

Genres: Drama

Countries: USA

Votes: 695

Rating: 7.0

Cast: Abato Paul Vito; Berry Shawn; Chukerman Brett; Crowley Bill; De Forest Steve; Evans Trevor; Foxx Corey; Franson Lou; Harman Jeff; Martin Andrew; Martin Wes; Meese Richard; Ragusa Joseph; Sullivan Jeremy; Van Vleet Monte; Weiss Darian; Yuro II Anthony V.; Bradford Dianna; Bregman Crysany; Culp Madelaine; De Tomas Teresa; Downey Cynthia; Nicole Craven Onika; Robertson Carolyn; Andrews Mark; Thomasson Roy; Wolcott Chris; Frazier Gary M.; Rowe Steve; Merton Orren; Costanzo Rocky; Gonzalez Sandy; Behrens Sandra; Mйndez Hйctor; Odum Teresa

Taglines: They took his innocence when he was seven years old. He took mine when he was thirteen.

Storyline: Glen Erskine: A family man and the director and chief of staff of New Horizons, a group home and counseling center for abused boys. Glen is a child psychologist with impeccable credentials who has an international reputation as one of the foremost scholars in the study of male adolescent sexuality. Tommy Jackson: A victim of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse since he was an infant, Tommy is taken into custody by the Department of Social Services and placed at New Horizons after his mother is arrested by the FBI for making pornographic videos of him and selling them on the Internet. At New Horizons, Tommy’s young life finally seems to be coming together. But when the nature of the love he shares with one of his counselors is discovered and their relationship is destroyed, Tommy strikes back by accusing the man he believes responsible – Glen Erskine. With that accusation, the stage is set for a dark, disturbing, and yet poignant tale of love, commitment, betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption^Чand a riveting look at the processes and agendas involved in the prosecution of a child sex abuse case.

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