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Ring of Fire

Ring of Fire

Year: 1991

Genres: Documentary,Short,Documentary,Short

Countries: USA,USA

Votes: 123

Rating: 6.8

Cast: Banks Norman; Blair Lawrence; Foxworth Robert; Rosenquist Gary; Casey George; Day Mike; Kirsch Jeffrey; Najar Ammiel G.; Novros Paul; Wolfe Mal; Hamilton David; Phillips Sean MacLeod; Stearns Michael; Huntley Tim; Carney James; Chanock Bundy; Law Lin; McDaniel Robert; Morrison Dash; Roth Vince; Shinneman Don; Skoll Sera


Storyline: The “Ring of Fire” is the collection of all places, in which the Earth’s continental plates meet. Volcanic activity is to be found there far more often than elsewhere. The film is a documentary about how those plates move and how volcanoes work.

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