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Roberto Succo

Roberto Succo

Year: 2001

Genres: Biography,Crime,Drama

Countries: France,Switzerland

Votes: 736

Rating: 6.9

Cast: Baux Pierre; Benoi Jean-Marc; Berod Jean-Pierre; Bertram Marius; Biousse Frederic; Bossard Philippe; Bouffe Christian; Brussey Noлl; Casanova Laurent; Cassetti Stefano; Chauffert Aymeric; Cupillard Bernard; D’Inca Pasquale Hugo; Dal Corso Maurizio; Daudin William; Dell’Isola Patrick; Diamantis Philippe; Dйnйriaz Vincent; Favre Nicolas; Fornara Olivier; Gras Pasquin; Hertel Cyrille; Khiter Mohamed; Lazzaro Paolo; Mahler Luc; Marcozzi Giorgio; Molo Roberto; Montignon Vincent; Olivier Christophe; Poyard Michel; Rizzeto Gianni; Sabran Philippe; Tomassetti Giovanni; Veillon Jean-Paul; Vivan Danilo; Vuillemin Basile; Aliberti Viviana; Bachelier Geneviиve; Bamoudrou Cynthia; Belkhodja Catherine; Carbonini Olivia; Decastel Catherine; Deliba Fejria; Duviquet Jade; Le Besco Isild; Lцwensohn Elina; Montcho Nathalie; Mook Sylviane; Perron Estelle; Raul Brigitte; Reynaud Yelda; Sassi Leyla; Sandoz Gilles; Sobelman Patrick; Waldburger Ruth; Froment Pascale; Kahn Cйdric; Marti Pascal; Civange Julien; Blanc Isabelle; Raoul Nathalie; Sanchez Isabelle; Dedet Yann; Bouchain Tatiana; Cappato Laura; Colucci Erasmo; Schlockoff Robert; Serafini Simona; Van Beuren Йlodie; Abelanet Franзois


Storyline: ‘Kurt’ claims to be a sales rep. He also claims to be English in spite of his heavy Italian accent. Kurt is an habitual liar and a dangerous driver, at the very least. In the south of France he meets Lйa, age 16. Between his increasingly strange dates with Lйa, Kurt engages in a number of armed robberies, some successful, some not… The police are perplexed by a series of crimes including disappearances and a murder. They conclude that they are dealing with a madman… After he proposes, Lйa breaks up with Kurt. The attempt to find a new girlfriend leads to a shooting by Kurt, now calling himself Andrй. Lйa’s information identifies Kurt/Andrй as Roberto Succo, psychiatric patient and parental murderer. The police hunt for Roberto covers three countries.

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