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Room for One More

Room for One More

Year: 1952

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Votes: 325

Rating: 6.5

Cast: Bacon Irving; Bakewell William; Beddoe Don; Blake Oliver; Cassell Malcolm; Ferguson Frank; Fowley Douglas; Grant Cary; Greer Dabbs; McGovern Johnny; Meredith Charles; O’Hanlon George; Olsen Larry; Page Ray; Ridgely John; Rorke Hayden; Tatum Jr. Clifford; Taylor Tony; Watts Charles; Winslow George; Wootton Stephen; Bronson Lillian; Drake Betsy; Gordon Gay; Hale Karen; Hartman Gretchen; Hellman Marcoreta; Hokanson Mary Alan; Kemper Doris; Kennedy Dorothy; Mann Iris; Newton Mary; Poule Ezelle; Richmond Felice; Stuart Randy; Treen Mary; Tuttle Lurene; Blanke Henry; Rose Anna Perrot; Rose Jack; Shavelson Melville; Burks Robert; Steiner Max; Best Marjorie; Rhodes Leah; Taurog Norman; Crosland Jr. Alan

Taglines: Makes room for your broadest grins and your longest laughs!

Storyline: Anne and “Poppy” Rose are the average American family, with three quirky kids. Anne has a good heart and gives lost cats and dogs a home – and one day also the orphan Jane, a problem child who already tried to kill herself once. At first Poppy is worried and wants to get rid of her, but with love and patience they finally manage to integrate her into the family. Just then Anne invites another orphan, the aggressive handicapped Jimmy-John, to their summer vacation.

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