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Salaam Namaste

Salaam Namaste

Year: 2005

Genres: Comedy,Drama,Romance

Countries: India

Votes: 1564

Rating: 6.1

Cast: Anand Siddharth; Andrews Damian; Ashar Siddhant; Aslam Danish; Aulakh Darshan; Bachchan Abhishek; Bhushan Padam; Chalke Eknath; Dumra Bidyut; Farooqi Suhail; Haar Steven; Hansraj Jugal; Hussain Yunus; Jaffrey Javed; Khan Azaan Ali; Khan Saif Ali; Khote Ravi; Oberoi Rishi; Puri Akshai; Sawant Prakash; Shaikh Ismail; Shroff Deepak; Vijaykar Kunal; Warsi Arshad; Zidaan Zeke; Bhatt Nikita; Chau Danielle; Collard Christina; Goretti Maria; Hill Bonnie; Jezebel; Kapoor Kavita; Popal Leima; Preece Nicola; Ross Tara Jade; Zaetta Tania; Zinta Preity; Chopra Aditya; Chopra Yash; Lange Mitu Bhowmick; Tyrewala Abbas; Patel Sunil; Dadlani Vishal; Merchant Salim; Merchant Suleiman; Ravjiani Shekhar; Bhatia Mamta; Goel Surily; Patkar Aarti; Soni Ritesh; Badruddin Fayyaz; Bakrania Prakash; James Nathan; Khan Ahmed; Langman Scott

Taglines: Let’s get to know each other

Storyline: The new millennium has begun and one must accept the reality that East Indians have immigrated everywhere on Earth. One such place where a number of Indians have made their new homes is Australia’s Melbourne. A doctor, who does have problems translating some words into Hindi; Jignesh Pandya, who has come from Surat, India, where his parents operate and run “Archana Sarees” and has become a doctor; Ranjan Mathur who has recently immigrated, is now on the look-out for a wife, and does find one, after many hilarious misadventures, including one with a gorgeous hooker, Lisa; Then there is Ambar Malhotra or Ambi, who lived in Bangalore with her parents, quarreled with them because she did not want to marry someone of their choice, ended up coming to Australia on a student exchange program, studies medicine, but lands a job as a radio announcer with 101.5 FM “Salaam Namaste”; and finally there is Nikhil Arora alias Nicki, who came here to become an Architect, did get his qualifications, but ended up as Head Chef with “Nick of Time” restaurant. Watch what happens when two completely different people, from different backgrounds, habits and culture, meet and decide to live together to see if they can maintain a long-term relationship.

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