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Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic

Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic

Year: 2005

Genres: Comedy,Music

Countries: USA

Votes: 3352

Rating: 6.5

Cast: Agee Steve; Bodma Jim; Cellini Jon; Chea Alvin; Derby David; Goldwasser Robin; Kimmel Jonathan; Kotch Michael; La’vin Kiyano; Matthews Ben; Mclane Mark; Odenkirk Bob; Orteca Rainy; Posehn Brian; Schatz Harry; Smith Eddie B.; Stevens Brody; Towers Robert; Fagan Suzannah; Kaye Dee; Lynn Kelsie; Mollin Peggy; Mower Lillian; Petta Emily; Power Alexa; Silverman Laura; Silverman Sarah; Stanton Joi; Summersquash Phoebe; Walden Wendy; Herzon Heidi; Jue Grant; Sosin Randy; Williams Mark; Bear Rhet W.; Lynch Liam; Pink Dayna; Gray Pauline; Arce Henry


Storyline: Sarah Silverman appears before an audience in Los Angeles with several sketches, taped outside the theater, intercut into the stand-up performance. Themes include race, sex, and religion. Her comic persona is a self-centered hipster, brash and clueless about her political incorrectness. A handful of musical numbers punctuate the performance. It begins and ends with her in conversation with two friends: at the start, she’s the loser compared to their recent artistic successes; by the end, she’s the star, in her dressing room, dismissive and cutting.

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