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Scarlet Diva

Scarlet Diva

Year: 2000

Genres: Drama

Countries: Italy

Votes: 1271

Rating: 5.2

Cast: Alexander Jeff; Arcopinto Gianluca; Bonacelli Paolo; Brandon David; Camilli Fabio; Coleman Joe; D’Ingeo David; De Lorenzo Massimo; Fritsch Herbert; Gullotta Leo; Kfoury Justinian; Lanzetta Peppe; Schooly-D; Servadio Leonardo; Shepard Jean; Sommer Robert; Villari Alessandro; Yamanouchi Taiyo; Argento Asia; Crane Vanessa; d’Aloja Francesca; Di Majo Angelica; Gemma Vera; Nicolodi Daria; Papa Giovanna; Pirrocco Gloria; Restante Deborah; Selen; Argento Claudio; Argento Dario; Curti Gianluca; Curti Stefano; De Palma Adriana Chiesa; Sirabella John; Fasano Frederic; Hughes John; Mattolini Susy; Marchfeld Scott; Mills Kahlid; Napoli Anna Rosa; Alonzo Carla; Chiarino Dolph; De Michele Francesca; Gagliano Maria Rita; Magri Gabriele; Magri Vittorio; Martino Pasquale; Paladini Roberta; Quaglietti Claudio; Salvatore Renata; Santori Danilo; Spoletini Luigia; Taloni Erika; Yamamoto Anna; Zuppardo Gabriele; Rosa Alessandro


Storyline: Anna Battista is a young, popular, 24-year-old Italian-born International film actress who engages herself on a hectic and self-destructive spree which takes her across Europe and to America to shed her “boy-toy” image to become an “artist” in order to write and direct herself in a semi-biography movie of herself titled “Scarlet Diva.” After working in Rome, and winning a presigious film award in Milan, Anna travels to Paris to save her best friend from an abusive relationship, then avoids sleazy film producers in Los Angeles, meets and falls in love with a rock star who abandons her, finds out later that she’s pregnant, and begins using drugs to numb her pain at this predictament she’s gotten herself into.

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