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Year: 2004

Genres: Action,Sci-Fi

Countries: USA

Votes: 298

Rating: 2.5

Cast: Aguayo Troy; Aleong Aki; Alexandre Dwayne; Anderson Mike; Arthur Mel; Bresler Jacov; Casamassa Chris; Chivichyan Gokor; Cooper Dewey ‘The Black Cobra’; Goldberg Alan; Ialgashev Erken; Kim James; Kim Simon; Lamas Lorenzo; Lee Eric; Matsuda Michael; Mayid Daneya; Perez Joe; Perrodin Eric; Smith Maurice; Verret Brad; Wall Robert; Wilson Don ‘The Dragon’; Wizard Ray; Chaney Rebecca; Fischer Jill; Keen Valerie; Lee Judy; Lockwood Samantha; Mulligan Kelly; Rodriguez Christine; Rothrock Cynthia; Shannon Colleen; Tickey Mychele; Callicoat Thomas; Camacho Art; Freeman Johnathon; Gottlieb Bill J.; Jay Lidia; Karridene Kathleen; Thayer Michael R.; Rossotto Andrea V.; DiCola Vince; Meriedeth Kenny; Woodfield Sonia; Airola Jerry; Collins Diane; Dyrdahl Shawn; Kassel Kenneth; Settles Jeremy; Eguia Chris

Taglines: They thought it was just a video game… Now they’re fighting for their lives.

Storyline: A well-meaning genius creates a virtual reality game that leaves his grandson trapped within when a virus invades. The boy’s father (Don Wilson) enters the virtual fighting game in order to combat the virus and save his son before they’re both trapped forever.

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